Here is a list of 10 customs to observe during your stay

  • Hide your feet

The feet are the least sacred part of the body. When you sit down , do not put your feet up with your contacts. Put yourself on your knees with your feet behind you. In general , do not point your feet at anyone.

  • Head, the sacred part of the body

In contrast to the feet , the head is the most sacred part of the body . Therefore, avoid touching the head of a Thai and especially children.

  • We do not point

Avoid using your index finger to point and show things rather with your whole hand. It is less precise , but it is most appreciated.

  • Take off your shoes

When entering a temple or just a home, it is essential to remove your shoes . If you are unsure when to remove them, you can rely shoes piling up in front of the doors.

  • The ” Wai ” replaces the handshake

To say hello or thank someone , Thais do not shake hands , they greet each other by running the wai . Join your two hands in front of chest and bow slightly. However , as a foreigner smile is often more appropriate . Indeed, the wai , directed towards a person of a lower social status , can create discomfort.

  • Respect for the monarchy

Royalty is something sacred in Thailand.

  • Women do not touch monks

For one reason or another , women should not touch the Buddhist monks. So no hug and not even offering. If a woman wants to give something to a monk, she must pass through a man.

  • No sentimental events too exuberant

You can hold your hand in the street, share a furtive kiss, but limit yourself to these behaviors, demonstrations of affection are often further unwelcome.

  • Do not get carried away

Yell , loss of composure , irritations are not appreciated at all in Thailand.

  • Dress code

If Thailand is a top tourist attraction and the shorts and swimsuits are mandatory in most of the islands , know that Thais attach great importance to dress so be sure to make an effort , especially when you ‘ are more on the beach.

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